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1 in 5 children in the U.S. have learning disabilities, yet many don't receive necessary services. Discover how to advocate for your child and ensure they get the support they deserve.

Devon Rios
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I'm Devon Rios, an award-winning education rights attorney who's assisted countless families in navigating the IEP process. Beyond litigation, I've empowered parents in South and East Los Angeles to advocate for their children's education. Known as "the ride or die attorney" and "the parent whisperer," I prioritize keeping children at the forefront of discussions.

As a mom, I understand the emotions and challenges firsthand, having applied my strategies to my own family's IEP journey! I've developed Unspoken Rules: IEP Nuts & Bolts to empower parents and guardians everywhere in the IEP process.

Unspoken Rules: IEP Nuts and Bolts

Learn how to build and maintain your child's Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

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Live Group Coaching Calls

Every month, I'll be hosting a live group coaching call dedicated to a specific topic from the course. It's your chance to explore the intricacies, seek clarity, and address any questions you may have.

4 Month Course

The course comprises of 8 modules spread over 4 months. You'll gain access to a new module every two weeks and retain lifetime access to all the modules upon completion. This pacing helps you absorb the material without feeling overwhelmed.

Community Support

Not only will you gain resources and recommendations for special education professionals, but you'll also have the opportunity to join my online community for the duration of the course. Here, you can connect with other parents and guardians facing similar challenges and get your questions answered by a legal expert.

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"Devon is a powerhouse attorney and instructor... I learned a wealth of knowledge. She gave me hope, accountability, and empowerment."

- Mireya R.

Unspoken Rules: IEP Nuts and Bolts

Learn how to advocate for your child in 4 months with 8 defining modules.

→ Learn strategies and approaches to address disagreements

→ Control your emotions so you don't get caught up in the gaslighting cycle

→ Build a community of resources

→ Hold your child's educational system accountable for maintaining your vision

→ And most importantly...learn the rules of the IEP game!

Managing Emotions

Discover effective strategies for managing your emotions during an IEP meeting.

Getting Organized

Find out which records are essential for the IEP process and how to best organize them.

The Legal Standard and FAPE

Understanding FAPE and how it lends to building a solid IEP.


Learn why assessments matter, what types there are, and how they build a foundation for your child's IEP house.

Independent Educational Evaluations

Explore what an IEE is, how to use it to your advantage, and how to request one with the district.

Goals & Present Levels

 Learn about present levels and why you should never rush through them and how to create measurable goals for your child.

Placement, Services and Accommodations

Why should you never skip to the services conversation first and how to make sure you understand what services and supports are necessary. 

Understanding Dispute Resolution

Learn why you should never negotiate at the IEP table, and how to prepare for dispute resolution.


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All courses and live coaching calls are delivered virtually, so you can learn to advocate for your child any time, anywhere.